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Accidents leading to chest injuries are rare, but extremely dangerous. An injury to the chest can lead to organ damage, broken ribs, and even death. It is of the utmost importance that our heart and lungs continue to function uninterrupted, and chest injuries can jeopardise that. If you have suffered from a chest injury in Brighton, and are not at fault, you’re likely to have a strong case to claim personal injury compensation. We can help you do this on a no, win, no fee* basis.

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What Causes Chest Injuries?

Chest injuries don’t happen easily, something seriously wrong must have happened to cause it. If you’ve been working in Brighton, visited a local establishment, or been driving when the accident occurred, the chances are the accident isn’t your fault.

Chest Injuries from Workplace Accidents in Brighton

Injuries to the chest at work often come from crushing accidents. Be it an object falling, a workplace vehicle collision, machinery striking you – these are all serious lapses in health and safety, making your employer liable for your injuries. Even falling from a height can cause broken ribs and organ damage. If any of these have happened to you whilst working in Brighton, there’s a strong chance you will be due accident at work compensation.

Public Place Accidents Leading to Chest Injury

Shops, supermarkets, and other businesses in Brighton are usually safe spaces. However, accidents can happen in public places, and when they do, the business could be liable for the injury. Fortunately, slips, trips, and falls are the more typical accident to happen in these places, and most of these injuries are minor. However, they can, lead to chest injuries. They can also be caused by falling displays and shelving.

Chest Injury – Road Traffic Accidents in Brighton

If you’ve suffered an injury in a road traffic accident in Brighton, chances are it has affected more than one part of your body. Whilst we typically think of whiplash injuries, our chest is also vulnerable in high-speed collisions, where the seatbelt stops us, but our organs continue to shift. Other road users are vulnerable to chest injuries, where there is no chest protection. Motorcycle riders, cyclists, and pedestrians all stand to suffer significant injury from crashes, especially to the chest.

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Chest injuries are seriously dangerous, regardless of how they’ve been sustained. If you’re not the cause of the accident in Brighton, we can help you claim compensation. Call us on 01273 052 044^ to speak to our injury claims team and get a free assessment of your case.

Forms of Chest Injury

There aren’t many different forms of chest injury, but they are almost all very serious. Bruising causes extreme discomfort, broken ribs can puncture organs, organs themselves can fail. In the worst of these cases, the injuries can prove fatal.

Chest injuries aren’t just caused by physical afflictions, industrial diseases can also injure the chest and the vital organs within it. The most common types of occupational illness affecting the chest area are Mesothelioma, COPD, work-caused Asthma, and lung disease. In these situations, your employer, current or past, may be liable for your illness, and compensation could be due to you.

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If you suffered a chest injury and the short-term effects of it, there maybe complications further down the road. This why our personal injury solicitors** for Brighton will examine your medical records closely for any potential loss in the future. Contact our expert team today on 01273 052 044^ to start your claim.

Chest Injuries – Make a Claim

Making a personal injury claim need not be a daunting experience, and chest injuries are no different. Our friendly team will help you claim compensation without the stress by guiding you every step of the way. What’s more is there are no up-front costs, so you can get your case evaluated without worrying about losing money. Call us on 01273 052 044^ to get started.

You may know that there is a limitation of three years on most personal injury claims. However, you may not know that this from date of knowledge of injury. With some longer terms conditions that chest injuries can develop, if you aren’t aware until it’s too late, you may still be eligible for compensation. If you’re at all unsure, it’s always best to call our team to make sure you’re not missing the boat to claim damages.

Injuries to the Chest – No Win No Fee Compensation

We want to make sure everyone in Brighton has equal access to justice. This is why we also offer our claims on a no win no fee* basis. By offering personal injury claims this way, we can ensure our clients that they don’t start to lose money by using their right to seek compensation. If you want more information on no win, no fee accident claims, call us on 01273 052 044^.

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