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Thank You For Your Support Whilst We Build Our New Website

Thank You For Your Support Whilst We Build Our New Website

Thank you for visiting the all new South Coast Lawyers website. We are a group of accident claims specialists with a panel of personal injury lawyers** specialising in accident claims in the Brighton and Hove area. Over the coming weeks and months we will be building up our website to be the first place that Brighton residents should visit for any form of accident claims advice.

Whilst it’s still very early stages for us, we hope that we become the default place for any person in county to visit for legal advice on winning personal injury compensation.

Our ethos will be around transparency, honesty, and affordability. We understand that employing the services of a solicitor can be daunting. We want to remove those feelings and want to build up an excellent reputation in the area.

We hope you can join our journey and support us over the next few months as we establish ourselves. We will soon post details of our social media profiles which we also hope you can join.

For now, please simply bookmark our website and visit back later should you need our services.

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